Customisable Paint Products

Create a custom paint formulation that is suitable for the marine environment, protects the vessel from corrosion and is compliant with maritime regulations.

A service that provides customisable paint products for commercial marine vessels that offers tailored paint solutions for the protection and decoration of ships.

7West works with the ship’s owner or operator to understand the vessel’s operating environment and usage, as well as any specific requirements for the paint, such as color, gloss level, and durability.

We will then create a custom paint formulation that is tailored to meet the specific needs of the ship. This service may also include the application of the paint by professional crew and provision of technical support and guidance on maintenance and repair.

This service is important as it ensures that the paint used on the vessel is suitable for the harsh marine environment, protects the vessel from corrosion and is compliant with the maritime regulations.

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We at 7West started our company to change the way commercial shipping and marine vessel owners receive support in order to protect their most important assets.

As former Merchant Marine Officers, we felt the service given to us by our suppliers always left us feeling let down.

It is one of our strong focuses to develop trust and loyalty with vessel owners, operators and managers, this focus of our business will help keep your vessels on course to give you those extra years of profitability. Talk to us today, and find out how Seven Degrees West Marine Solutions Ltd. can help you.