Seven Degrees West Marine Solutions Ltd.

Your trusted partner in marine maintenance and repairs

Whether you are a commercial fisherman, a recreational boater, or a member of the navy, we have the expertise and resources to keep your vessel in top shape.

Supporting The Marine Industry With Specialised Services

7West was started to change the way commercial shipping and marine vessel owners receive support in order to protect their most important assets.

International Paint Products

Browse our extensive selection of premium marine coating products from top manfacturers and brands.

Technical Dry-dock Service

Technical dry-dock service should be performed on a regular schedule to ensure that the ship remains in good condition and is safe to operate.

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Dry Dock Plans

Ensure your ship is returned to the water in a timely and efficient manner, and that all necessary maintenance and repairs are completed to the highest standards.

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Coating recommendations

Get guidance and advice on the selection and application of coatings for the protection of a ship's hull and other exposed surfaces.

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On-Board Maintenance plans

Minimize downtime and ensure that the ship is always in good working condition, thereby reducing the risk of breakdowns and increasing the ship's operational efficiency.

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Customisable paint products

Create a custom paint formulation that is suitable for the marine environment, protects the vessel from corrosion and is compliant with maritime regulations. 

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